Luxeve 24" Smoke Less Fire Pit with Lid & Glass - White River

Model No.: LU-24SLFP-WR

  • 24″ Inside Diameter
  • Weight 135 lbs.

Fuel Type: Wood
33″ outside diameter
15″ total height sits
3″ off ground
12″ inside pit height
24″ inside pit diameter
25″ outside pit diameter

Material: Triple walled, cold-rolled steel
Interior finish: Black High temp Paint
Exterior Finish: Powder Coating: White, Silver, Bronze, Red

The Luxeve fire pit is designed to be a beautiful outdoor fire accent to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in an upscale patio space.

Using Breeo Industries’ patent-pending smokeless technology, Luxeve takes it to a new level with a feeling of class.

A powder-coated exterior, modern feet, and fire pit glass around the rim gives Luxeve contrast and style.

The wood fire pit industry has rarely if ever seen sophistication and style in a portable fire pit.

We at Breeo Industries believe that design and aesthetics CAN be applied to a wood fire pit, to make it a natural accent in the most luxurious of patio spaces.

Using the Luxeve fire pit as a substitution for gas fire pits has many economic, environmental, and even social benefits.

The primary innovation of this product is in the way it creates an entirely new market for consumers by combining clean burning technology with a modern, contemporary design.

Fire Pit Glass




Inside Diameter is 15”, outside is 22”. Total height is 16”.
It weighs 46 pounds.

Wood. The wood should be dry and dead, hardwoods are preferable although pine and other soft woods work fine as well. This fire pit is designed to burn forest debris such as fallen branches. It is very efficient and does not require split logs.

22 inches on each side, and 16 inches high. It comes with a front and back label, and has instruction manuals inside.

The paint is high-temperature resistant outdoor paint that is air dried onto the unit. The paint cures when the unit is fired. Obviously, if this unit is exposed to the elements the paint will eventually start to wear, as in any fire pit. This is why the walls and bottom are built out of heavy steel.

The fire pits come with a one year warranty, paint excluded. They are built to last 10-15 years.

Yes, the provided stainless steel grill and post allow for easy maneuverability over the cooking surface. You can sear the steaks right in the flames, and then re-adjust the grill so that it is higher over the flames to finish them off. The fire is much more even and controlled, and is about 30% hotter.

Anywhere you can burn a normal open wood fire. Because it produces very little smoke, this unit is great for smaller backyards or urban environments. It also works great for campgrounds because it is so portable.

It depends on what is being cooked. If it is something greasy, you will see the grill smoking. Obviously, if we are cooking over a fire we want to have some of that taste. The double flame fire pit does a great job of making your food taste amazing, but then behaving nicely when you are sitting around it later in the evening and the wind is blowing.

Yes, this unit is designed specifically to be both portable and heavy duty. This is why it is only 15’ in diameter.

This flames get VERY hot because it burns so efficiently and is so focused. The outside walls can be up to 600-800 degrees. The actual flame area will be much hotter than that.

Pavers, concrete, grass (be aware that you may kill your grass, so make sure you want it to stay there) or any other fire retardant surface. This unit is NOT designed to sit directly onto a wood deck with no surface protector.

The Double Flame fire pit does a great job of burning down any coals until it is just a thin layer of ash. If you are burning it continuously for more than 4-5 hours, you may need to use a shovel to take out some of the hot embers. However, if you burn it for awhile, and then let it burn down, it will take 3-6 burnings before you need to remove the ashes.

Either with a small shovel, or by dumping them out. Because the unit only weighs 46 pounds and has a handy carrying ring, dumping it over into the ash pile and carrying it back to the fire ring will be the easiest.

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