Campfire Songs

January 13, 2015 by , Filed Under: rethinking FIRE

Nothing beats some sweet acoustic tunes on guitar around the campfire.  Singers and strummers of all ages can join in.  Here are some songs to enjoy around the campfire with guitar tutorials by YouTube guitar teacher Marty Schwartz. I’ve never met Marty, but he’s sure taught me a lot about…

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Mountain Pies

January 13, 2015 by , Filed Under: rethinking FIRE, rethinking GRILLING

Making Mountain Pies on Ablaze All you need is a pie iron. You can find various options here. Whether you prefer eggs, meat, pizza, or dessert, you can use almost any ingredients to make a mountain pie. 1. Butter two slices of bread. Tuck the first slice into one…

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Off Grid Fire Pit

January 13, 2015 by , Filed Under: rethinking LANDSCAPE, rethinking Off Grid

These days, the uncertain economic times and political instability have caused many people to ponder the concept of off-the-grid living. Being able to subsist comfortably without any rent, property tax, or utilities is a fantasy that is becoming increasingly enticing. Plus, off-the-grid living has the advantage of being just…

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How to Build a Fire

December 10, 2014 by , Filed Under: rethinking FIRE

  Building a fire in the Ablaze fire pit is NO DIFFERENT than building a normal campfire. You want to use wood that is NOT wet or dry. Hardwoods are preferable, but soft woods such as pine work great as well. Look around your property for dead twigs and…

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Telling a Captivating Campfire Story

December 06, 2014 by , Filed Under: rethinking FIRE

Summertime is almost here. School is about to let out, kids will be heading off to weeklong summer camps, and we’re all invisioning wonderful family evenings around the fire. But what are you going to do when your child comes home from camp, and begs for YOU to tell…

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Pork Chops Over the Fire

November 26, 2014 by , Filed Under: rethinking GRILLING

This is a very simply recipe that only takes a couple seconds to prepare and cook, and is absolutely FANTASTIC to eat. This recipe was done using one inch slices of pork loin, leaving the fat on. When cooking on an open fire, DO NOT trim the fat off…

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