The Luxeve fire pit is designed to be a beautiful outdoor fire accent to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in an upscale patio space.
Using Breeo’s patent-pending Smoke Less technology, Luxeve takes it to a new level with a feeling of class.
A powder-coated exterior, modern stainless steel feet, and fire pit glass around the rim give Luxeve contrast and style.
The wood fire pit industry has rarely, if ever, seen sophistication and style in a portable fire pit.
We at Breeo LLC believe that design and aesthetics CAN be applied to a wood fire pit, to make it a natural accent in the most luxurious of patio spaces.
Using the Luxeve fire pit as a substitution for gas fire pits has many economic, environmental, and even social benefits.
The primary innovation of this product is in the way it creates an entirely new market for consumers by combining clean-burning technology with a modern, contemporary design.




Dark Blue



What are the dimensions for the Luxeve fire pit?
The Luxeve has an inside diameter of 24” and an outside diameter of 33”. The unit sits approximately 3" off the ground, with a total height of 15” and weighs about 135 pounds.
Is my Luxeve fire pit going to rust if left in the elements?
Our Luxeve fire pits are manufactured solely out of a 304 stainless steel, so you should not experience any rusting with this unit.
Are there any accessories available for the Luxeve?
Unfortunately, at this point, the Luxeve has no cooking accessories.
Does the glass come with the fire pit or do I need to order that separately? Do I have to add the glass to my Luxeve?
Each Luxeve fire pit comes with its own glass - simply note which color glass you would like with your order. This glass is simply for an aesthetic appeal so you don't have to add it if you don't like. However, you will then have an empty space between the inner and outer walls of the fire pit.